Friday, January 13, 2012

Mississippi: Pardon Controversy Levels Up

The Boston Herald reports that a Mississippi district attorney is raising the Haley Barbour Last Minute Pardon controversy to new levels. The State's Attorney General has already raised concerned that some of those receiving pardons did not meet the State Constitutional requirement of providing notice in county newspapers. One automatically wonders how many others, in the past, have failed to do so!

But Jackson County District Attorney Tony Lawrence now wants to argue that, where there was such public notification, in one case:
... the information published in the newspaper on the defendant’s behalf prior to her pardon was inaccurate and incomplete ... He’s not given a satisfactory explanation at all. He has implied we are confused but he is the one who is confused. 
Whether or not truth, accuracy and reader satisfaction are also Constitutional requirements remains to be seen. See full story here.

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