Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mississippi: Tip of an Iceberg?

The Associated Press reports here that "dozens" of others have been pardoned by outgoing Governor Barbour. The Sun Herald confirms here that it is uncertain just how many there were. The Clarion Ledger here says the list may include more than 200 (after granting maybe 8 pardons through his first 8 years in office)! Geoff Pender, of the Sun Herald, informs us:
he's (Barbour's) been filing them as individual executive orders. We have the full list now, though. He just pardoned/granted clemency to more than 200 people today.
See Barbour's overall clemency record here. A new .pdf including the recent 200 plus acts of clemency can be found here! Among them, Earnest Scott Favre, the brother of former Packer quarterback Bret Favre, who was involved in a DUI that resulted in a death in 1997. Here are Barbour's pardons by year:

2004 - 0
2005 - 0
2006 - 0
2007 - 0
2008 - 5
2009 - 0
2010 - 2
2011 - 1
2012 - 200 plus!


StormywindQ said...

I want to find & read the list of all who were given pardons by H. Barbour. Does anyone know where I can find it?

P.S. Ruckman, Jr. said...

EDITOR: StormywindQ, go here: http://www.sos.ms.gov/

You will see a link that says "Pardons" at the bottom, center, toward the left a bit.


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