Thursday, February 16, 2012

Czech Pardon Controversy reports state prosecutor Marek Bodlákin has "slammed" President Václav Klaus’ decision to pardon Anna Benešová (former director of the Metropolitan University in Prague), who was given a two-year suspended prison sentence and four-yeare' probation "after being found guilty of embezzling funds from the Metropolitan University in Prague and paying bribes to public officials in order to secure favorable rent, purchase public property at below-market price, and secure other advantages for the university.who was found guilty of embezzlement."

A spokesman says the pardon was granted "on the grounds that she needed to care for her seriously-ill husband and had no previous convictions." But Bodlák says that it "depreciates four years of work by the police, public prosecution service and the court." He also noted Bodlákin “sent her appeal for a pardon to the President back in March 2009, a full year before she was prosecuted.” See full story here.

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