Friday, February 17, 2012

Minnesota: The Rest of the (Giefer) Story

Back on August 4th, 2011, we were critical of reporting on Tim Pawlenty's pardon of Jeremy A. Geitner. Pawlenty and two others on the Minnesota Board of Pardons were actually unanimous in their decision to grant the pardon to Giefer, who was convicted for having sex with a 14-year-old girl when he was 19. He later married the girl, and they had a child. She also supported his application. But, we noted:
A pardon was not granted. A pardon extraordinary was granted. Such pardons are regulated by Minnesota State law. As a result, Giefer had 1) served his 45-day sentence and 2) maintained a clean record for fourteen years before the pardon extraordinary was granted. His conviction was not overturned. He was not sprung from prison on a technicality and thrown in the streets. 
To many, that wasn't really the story anyway. The real story was the fact that, two years after the Board's decision, Giefer was charged with "sexually assaulting" his own daughter more than 250 times from the time she was 9 until she was 16. What a monster! Epic fail on the part of Pawlenty? Why, sure, if you are a half drunk Roman stumbling to forum to see the lions do their thing. We wrote:
... Giefer could have done what he is charged with now doing regardless of the decision of the Board ... Giefer’s attorney says his client will be found innocent. And Pawlenty is so fortunate that none of this information - however horrible - even existed (much less had relevance) when he and the Board granted the pardon extraordinary. 
And now, the rest of the story:
​Sexual assault charges against Jeremy Giefer were dropped this morning following the victim's recantation. Giefer was scheduled to go on trial next Monday on charges he raped his daughter multiple times over the years. Assistant Blue Earth County Attorney Mike Hanson tells City Pages that the victim has recanted twice in the past two weeks. Last Friday, Hanson brought her into his office to hear what she had to say. "She said none of the allegations were true," Hanson said.
See more on the story.

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