Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mississippi: Enter Supreme Court

The Chicago Tribune reports that the Mississippi State Supreme Court will hold a hearing on February 9 in order to decide "whether a lower court has the authority to block pardons issued by former Governor Haley Barbour, including some to convicted murderers." Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood says more than 100 of the pardons "did not meet a state constitutional requirement that notice of the application for a pardon be published for 30 days." Barbour, on the other hand, says Hood is "trying to score political points." See story here.

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John Thacker said...

Mississippi AG Jim Hood is a horrible, vicious man who has consistently supported dubious fake "science" like that of Stephen Hayne. He has no regard for the truth when it comes to innocence.

I don't know much about Barbour's pardons, but I know that Hood has resisted attempts to let people proven innocent by science and DNA evidence go free, so I'm not disposed to like him.

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