Thursday, March 15, 2012

Maryland: Post Recommends Clemency for 2

The Washington Post features an editorial calling on Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) to consider clemency for two individuals.

One is Mark Grant, who was 14 years old when was charged with "the shooting death of another teenager during an attempted robbery." Grant was sentenced to life, but a "key witness" in the case "has since recanted his testimony and identified Mr. Grant’s co-defendant as the shooter." So, the prosecutor  supports clemency, and the current state’s attorney does not object.

The second is Tamara Settles, who was "involved in a planned robbery that turned fatal when her boyfriend shot and killed the man." According to the Post, the boyfriend pleaded guilty and served nine years, but Ms. Settles has been imprisoned for nearly three decades.

The Post also reports Mr. O’Malley "has yet to grant a clemency request during his six years in office" and should find the "courage" to "revisit" such cases.  The State's Parole Commission has forwarded to 61 recommendations for commutations and O’Malley has rejected 57. See full Post editorial here.

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