Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Post (ProPublica) on Obama and Pardons

Today's Washington Post features a piece here which states:
[President] Obama Obama has turned down more pardon applicants, 1,019, and pardoned fewer, 22 — two of whom were minorities — than any modern president at this point in an administration.
The information originated from ProPublica which, last month, stated:
Mr. Obama is on track to underperform President George W. Bush, who issued a measly 189 pardons during his two terms in office — the stingiest record of any two-term president since World War II.
In fact, while President Obama has granted 22 pardons and commutations of sentence to date (day 1,141), President Bush, at this same point, had only granted 12.

For additional concerns, re ProPublica's work, see our commentary here and here.

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