Friday, April 20, 2012

Gov. Robert Ehrlich's "Observations on the Exercise of Clemency"

Blogging live from St. Thomas School of Law, Commutations Symposium, Keynote Speaker, former Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich

1. Clemency will test / stress friendships.
2. Inappropriate contact may occur, and must be resisted.
3. Staff will be tested.
4. Your political courage quotient will be tested (will be criticized from the right and the left)
5. There is a fiscal impact to clemency.
6. Stay away from race, ethnicity and gender (even if the press keeps score).
7. Leadership is about making decisions, but also making decisions that you think are right, regardless of the consequences, support, or lack of support.
8. Clemency decisions say a lot about a politician's character, what they are really about.

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