Sunday, April 8, 2012

Illinois: 52 Pardons!

The Chicago Tribune reports Gov. Pat Quinn "has granted clemency and expunged the criminal records of more than 50 people on Friday." One commutation of sentence was granted to a man "imprisoned for drug crimes but now suffers from a life-threatening illness." Quinn has also denied 136 requests. See story here.

The Muskatine Journal reports Quinn is still "whittling away at a backlog of 2,500 requests that piled up under former Gov. Rod Blagojevich."  Twenty-five of the grants involved theft. Sixteen involved drugs. Eight offenses included some kind of violence, such as misdemeanor battery and the oldest incident took place in 1958, the most recent in 2005. See story here.

The Governor's Journal has this commentary re the timing (Easter) of the pardons: "The practice has become a pattern for Quinn. The timing helps dull news media coverage of the decisions." See story here.


Henry E Clark Jr. said...

Mr Ruckman, do you have a list of the people that got pardon on April 06,2012 In IL..I have been waiting since 2008, mine was a deceptice practice (bad check) from 1991..Thank You for your time and love this blog, I read it everyday to see all the other states as well..

Angela I. said...

My daughter has been on the list now for quite a while. She got in trouble when she was nineteen and she will be turning 26 this year. We were told that her case was submitted to the Governor's office, but we had not heard anything. How can we get a copy of the list of people that got pardoned?

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