Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Indiana: The Clemency Process

The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette has an interesting story on the clemency process in Indiana. It is reported that "during his more than seven years in office, 200 pardon applications have flowed to the governor. Of those, the board gave nonbinding nods to 65 and the governor granted just 45, or 23 percent of those requested." It is also reported that "with about eight months left in his tenure, the parole board is piling up a list of pardons for the governor to review." But Daniels says no one should expect a Haley Barbour type exit. The story also says a "majority" of the pardon he has granted "have involved stealing; either theft, burglary, receiving stolen property or robbery. A handful of cases have involved possession of drugs, a few drunken driving, a few arson and a few other offenses." See story here

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