Monday, April 2, 2012

Missouri: Call for Mercy features an editorial calling on Governor Jay Nixon to consider the "Easter season" by reflecting on "opportunities to display greater love, mercy, and compassion in our daily lives." More specifically, the piece calls on Nixon to consider the clemency application of 62-year old Patricia “Patty” Prewitt. Prewitt is almost 26 years into a "life sentence" with no chance of parole until 2036. She was found guilty of murdering her husband, but has always maintained her innocence.

It is said that Prewitt has been "an amazing inspiration to all who come to know her." She was "involved" in developing a parenting class for incarcerated women called “Parenting from a Distance.” She also "helped" to "organize" a program that allowed incarcerated women to read and record a storybook for their child. The has expanded to prisons nationwide.

Prewitt is also described as having "outgoing personality" and as a person who is generous "with her time and talents." She has a "positive attitude" and has "nurtured" young women who have been incarcerated with her. She offers "sound advice" has mentored "more women than could be counted" many of whom "are back in their own communities and are paying forward what has been offered to them in Patty’s kindness, wisdom, and encouragement."

See entire piece here.

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Anonymous said...

MURDER IS MURDER...she should have left instead of killing him, I am all about 2nd chances, when you MURDER someone, do your time..I dont care how old she is..She can die in prison where she belongs..Thats from a missouri resident, ME

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