Monday, April 2, 2012

Oklahoma: Board v. Governor in Death Penalty Case reports that an "anti-death penalty group" is calling on Gov. Mary Fallin to commute the sentence of 56-year old Garry Thomas Allen who is sentenced to die next week. Interestingly, the State's Pardon and Parole Board recommended a commutation back in 2005 by a vote of 4-1.

Allen had a history of "substance abuse" and was drunk at the time of the murder. But he is also said to be "mentally impaired" with a "probable diagnosis" of "Schizophrenic Disorder, or Anxiety Disorder in a Paranoid Personality."

Allen killed the mother of his children in 1986. He was then shot in the head during a struggle with an officer. But Fallin says she has spent "quite a long time looking through his files" and she has "visited with his attorneys." See complete story here.

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