Thursday, May 17, 2012

Arizona: Brewer's Charade

The Arizona Republic correctly notes the assertion that a state clemency is guilty of "incompetency" is a "novel development in the nation's long-running fight over the death penalty. Only in Arizona." Well, only in Jan Brewer's Arizona!

The Republic notes the State's "clemency" board "is intentionally stacked to avoid recommending clemency" because Brewer "so dislikes granting forgiveness." Which raises the obvious question: "then why bother with a "clemency" charade at all?"

Brewer's "stunning mass-firing of three clemency-board members earlier this year" included "longtime chairman Duane Belcher and Marilyn Wilkens, who was appointed in 2010 by Brewer herself." As a result, the "mandate" of the new clemency board "could not be clearer. Trouble this governor with clemency recommendations at your peril."  See story here.

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