Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Et Tu Toussie?

March 7, 1925

Jailer, County Jail
Trenton, N.J.


I send herewith the official warrant of commutation signed by the President in the case of Arthur Todd and also photostat copies of the warrants signed by the President granting commutations to David Schulman and Harry S. Stout, which warrants, as you will observe, were subsequently canceled by the President.

These three men were, I understand, released by you in conformity with telegraphic instructions from the Attorney General stating that the President had commuted their sentences. This was entirely right and proper for you to do as their release was directed pursuant to standing instructions by the president respecting all commutations granted by him.

Before the mailing of the warrants however, information was received concerning these men which caused the President to cancel the commutations granted. Consequently, the warrants not having been delivered and accepted by them, they are in strictness fugitives from justice and subject to apprehension and return to jail. They had, however, but a few days longer to serve, something like one week, and I am informed it is not the intention of the District Attorney or the Court to take any action in the matter.

The photostat copies of the original warrants prepared in the cases of Stout and Schulman are sent herewith for you to keep, if you care to do so, in connection with the telegrams sent you by the Departrment directing their release,


Pardon Attorney

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