Friday, May 11, 2012

Military: Fraternization Case reports John Gonzales is seeking a presidential pardon. Gonzales is said to have "16 years of experience as an intelligence analyst, including two combat deployments supporting Navy SEALs." He is also said to have "earned a Bronze Star and received the Navy's top award for leadership in the intelligence community." But, Gonzales' record also features a federal conviction for "fraternization" ("an unduly familiar relationship between an officer and enlisted member"). So, Gonzales is submitting a clemency request today to Rear Admiral and commander of the Navy's Mid-Atlantic Region. It also reported that:
the woman, an ensign who served as Gonzales' boss, received a nonpunitive letter of caution and was later promoted. Gonzales was not allowed to re-enlist. He left the Navy in January. The conviction has prevented him from getting work as a military contractor, he said in a phone interview from Atlanta.
It appears that the jury could have recommended two years of confinement and a dishonorable discharge for Gonzales, but instead merely demoted him to petty officer second class.

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