Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Obama Calls for DOJ Review / Study !

The Washington Post reports that the Obama administration has "asked for a fresh review" of Clarence Aaron's request for a commutation of sentence (see our Watch List) and has also "directed" the Justice Department "to conduct its first in-depth analysis of recommendations for presidential pardons."

It is also reported that "advisers" to the president "expect" the President to "significantly" increase clemency activity "whether or not he is elected to a second term." In part, this expectation is said to reflect the fact that there is "growing interest" inside the White House in "reforming the pardon process.

Pardon Power is aware of at least one U.S. Senator who has a keen interest in such a study, and eventual reform. At present, the President's record on clemency is anemic at best. See complete story here

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Anonymous said...

We can only hope and pray!

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