Friday, September 28, 2012

Paper Proposal: MWPSA Conference

The Editor of the PardonPower blog has sunbmitted the following paper proposal for the next Midwest Political Science Association conference (Chicago):

Federal Executive Clemency in the Obama Administration

"As a presidential candidate, Barack Obama offered hope for change in the exercise of the pardon power. As president, he continued to speak of the importance of "redemption" and "second chances." Once in office, Obama nearly set a record for pardon inactivity and, as he began his bid for reelection, he was on track to grant fewer pardons and commutations of sentence than any president since John Adams. The few pardons that he did grant were typically given to persons who committed minor (non-violent) offenses decades ago, who served no time, and were 60-70 years of age. This paper will compare the president's rhetoric with his performance. Original data will also be presented so as to assess Obama's use of the clemency power in light of practices in previous administrations. The final section will discuss the consequences of neglecting clemency and the obvious need for reform."

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