Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Siegelman at the DNC

Former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman - long on our Pardon Watch List - is on his way to a 69-month stint in federal prison. But, first, he is stopping by the Democratic National Convention! Yes, at the convention center, Siegelman told reporters that is "going to try to get a commutation of sentence and eventually a pardon.”

How is that for optimism?

Siegelman explained further that he is not lobbying the President directly, just yet. But he is looking around for contacts, people who "will be able to act" in his "stead" with the president, "when the time is right." He says, “and that is after the election and not now.” For now, he is content "just to talk" to people who "have an understanding" about this case and who also may "have some bearing on the outcome of the pardon or the outcome of a commutation.”

See full story here.

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