Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Florida: Focus on Mercy

Florida Trends is featuring an article on, Reggie Garcia, a lawyer that focuses on executive clemency. Says Garcia:
Almost every clemency applicant I have represented in 18 years is a business owner or professional who had a prior felony conviction, usually as a young adult, and now they have a roadblock to obtaining state or federal licenses, security clearances, government contracts, better jobs and even volunteer opportunities with non-profits. Clemency is the ultimate second chance, where the state’s highest officials recognize that someone has turned their life around. It’s an incredible achievement in the fourth-largest state to say the governor and Cabinet granted me a full pardon or granted me firearm authority or granted me restoration of my civil rights. You almost have to be there to see it. The people openly weep when they are successful because in many cases they’ve devoted years of their life, their blood, sweat and tears, to redeeming themselves.”
See full article here.

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notme norme said...

All well said and done, but the State of Florida in particular says one things but does another.. it takes almost forever by the time one files an application until the time review takes place for pardon to have any value. A reasonable time to have a request heard should not take more than a few months, in Florida State it could take up to 10 years!
Excuse, budgetary restraints.. thus productive adults have their lives suspended from gainful employment because the State intransigence.

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