Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Arizona: At Last, Justice for Bill Macumber !!! reports that 77-year old Bill Macumber, imprisoned almost four decades for the killing of two 20-year-olds "pleaded no contest Wednesday to second-degree murder charges in a move that secured his freedom."  He maintained his innocence from the start.

The Arizona Justice Project has worked for Macumber's release, noting "no DNA evidence linked him to the crimes, his wife framed him; and another man had confessed to the killings."

The State's clemency board told Gov. Jan Brewer that "an injustice has been done in the case, and there was substantial doubt that Macumber was guilty of the crimes." But Brewer denied the recommendation "to either commute the sentence to time served or reduce it to 35 years to life in prison." She then stonewalled press inquiries regarding her reasons for the denial.

PardonPower is so very proud of the little part that it played in this story. We are also thankful to local media in Rockford, Illinois (WREX, Channel 13, NBC), that gave attention to Macumber's case (he has family in the area). Adam Liptak of the New York Times took the time to investigate and write an excellent piece (read it here). Mr. Liptak could have written about so many other things, but he took time to investigate one man's search for justice.

And, of course, we are simply thrilled for Bill and his family. See full AZFamily story here.

But don't stop there! Please consider reading over our own coverage of Macumber's case here. The facts, and the behavior of Governor Brewer will alarm you !

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