Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Focus on the Pardon Attorney, Reform

Brian Arola at Minnesota Daily has written about President Obama's 22 pardons. But he notes the President "isn’t the only person that determines how many pardons get through." Another important player in the game is the current pardon attorney, Ronald L. Rodgers, "a former military judge who was appointed in 2008."  Arola says Mark Osler (law professor at the University of St. Thomas and former federal prosecutor) sees Rodgers as "part" of the "problem":
He’s somebody who spent most of his career in the military and not in civilian criminal law ... Frankly he’s very stingy about recommending anyone for clemency.
Indeed! As this blog recently reported, since Rodgers arrived in that Office (in April 2008), he has overseen the denial of almost 10,000 clemency applications. That is a greater number of denials than all of the U.S. Pardon Attorneys before him combined, across the previous 26 fiscal years!

Meanwhile Osler would like to see an "overhaul" in the pardon process:
The Department of Justice … is an entire agency full of prosecutors. And because of that there’s a natural disinclination towards clemency.
He suggests the creation of a pardoning board, much like what can be found in most states. See full story here.

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Anonymous said...

Its sort of like the teacher who has a little leeway to give a student he doesn't like a lower grade and still maintain the credabillity of the system. Except the White House has no credabillity with Presidential Pardons because the Justice Depaetment has too much leeway recomending decisions.

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