Wednesday, November 14, 2012

MPSA Panel Shaping Up

Potential panel for upcoming Midwest Political Science Association Meeting, Chicago, IL. 2013:

Section 41
Presidency and Executive Politics Session

Title : Presidential Pardons and Clemency Summary
Chair : Daniels, R. [California State University, Bakersfield]

Title : The Vietnam War, the Politics of Presidential Mass Pardons, and the Rhetoric of Reconciliation. Overview: This paper examines how Presidents Ford and Carter used mass pardons and amnesties to reconcile with Vietnam War draft evaders, focusing on the rhetoric they used to convince the aggrieved group and the nation that expiation was appropriate. 
Authors: Dodds, Graham [Concordia University]

Title : Federal Executive Clemency in the Obama Administration Overview: To date, President Obama has granted fewer pardons / commutations of sentence than any president since John Adams. This paper compares Obama's rhetoric with his performance, and discusses the ramifications of dysfunctional clemency policy. Authors: Ruckman, P.S. [Rock Valley College]

Title : The Presidential Pardon: An Empirical Assessment Overview: This paper examines the use of a presidential power that has received limited scholarly attention, the pardon power, and offers an empirical analysis of its use by American presidents from the early days of the Republic until now. Authors: Diaz-Rosillo, Carlos [Harvard University]

Discussant: Warber, Adam [Clemson University]

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