Saturday, November 3, 2012

O. Henry Pardon Application Materials

On the right side bar, near the top of this blog, readers can now view the application materials for the posthumous pardon of O. Henry. Among the items are:

1. The Application (.pdf file) The official clemency application form used by the Department of Justice, completed and filed this past September 11.

2. Attachment - The Offense (.doc file) A statement summarizing O. Henry's offense and the circumstances surrounding the case.

3. Attachment - Reasons  (.doc file) A list of nine separate and distinct reasons for O. Henry's pardon featuring classic justifications for clemency routinely referenced in clemency warrants in O. Henry's day and throughout U.S. history. 

4. Letter to the OPA (.doc file) The cover letter that was sent to the Office of the Pardon Attorney (Department of Justice) along with the application materials submitted in September.

5. Reponse from OPA (.pdf file) The response that the U.S. Pardon Attorney sent within days of receiving the application materials which, oddly enough, references this blog!

We especially encourage readers to view items 3 and 5, so as to get an sense of how flippantly the application was rejected and how poorly the U.S. Pardon Attorney understood its content - to the extent that he even tried. This speaks volumes about what is going on in that office. This story is far from over however. Stay tuned !

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