Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Oklahoma: Voting on Clemency

An editorial at the Norman Transcript argues Oklahomans "have an opportunity to show they are smart, sensible and recognize savings." How? By "removing the governor from the pardon and parole process for nonviolent offenders." How? By supporting SQ 762.

The piece notes that the Oklahoma Academy believes in doing so because:
(1.) it improves public safety by giving the governor the proper time to review those convicted of violent, heinous crimes, (2.) more of the governor’s time is devoted to more pressing public issues in Oklahoma and (3.) nonviolent offenders sitting in prison waiting for the governor to drop other important tasks to approve their parole costs taxpayers millions of dollars. 
The Academy believes Oklahoma "has a need to address its criminal justice and corrections system" and that the Pardon and Parole Board "needs to be examined and improved." More specifically, it calls doe a "full-time" Board. See full editorial here.

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