Friday, November 2, 2012

President Sitting on a Dozen Positive Recommendations

According to ProPublica:
Currently, two government officials said, there are about a dozen positive recommendations and hundreds of negative ones waiting for the president to act on.
No specific sources are named for this information, but it certainly suggests there is no coming pardon bonanza. Only more of the same dysfunction and neglect.

ProPublica also features calculations based on Department of Justice data. We made the same calculations, from the same data, way back in a July post:

Granted Pardon Applications
Granted Commutation Applications
All Applications
1 in every 2
1 in every 15
1 in every 3
1 in every 3
1 in every 25
1 in every 4
1 in every 3
1 in every 36
1 in every 5
1 in every 5
1 in every 100
1 in every 8
H.W. Bush
1 in every 10
1 in every 245
1 in every 19
1 in every 5
1 in every 90
1 in every 16
W. Bush
1 in every 13
1 in every 779
1 in every 55
1 in every 61
1 in every 6,762
1 in every 352

* Data updated 2/4/13


Anonymous said...

It is hard t believe that out of 600 plus pending pardon applications that only a dozen or so are could have positive recommendation. Something has to chnage with the process

Anonymous said...

With a damned if you do and damned if you don't hyper-partisan environment, the pardon has been relegated to the history books. That is a tragic loss.

P.S. Ruckman, Jr. said...

EDITOR: By almost any reasonable measure, the Office of the Pardon Attorney appears to be a vestigial organ in the Department of Justice. It generally (as in just about always) does what any person without expertise or the rigmarole of investigation can do. It simply says "no." Which would perhaps be fine, but for the great tradition of clemency in common law and in our own system of justice.

James Clark said...

One of those could be mine! I filed in early 2009 and have been through the FBI background check twice. They did the first check in late 2009. The agent said he was a bit surprised because he and another agent had been pulled off of other cases and were told to focus on my background and get it done. I did not hear anything for about a year or year and a half and then the FBI agent called me one day and said he had been asked to update their files with any information that may have changed since the first check. I have checked the list of names of those who have been denied a pardon and my name has not appeared!

So, who knows, maybe I am one of the dozen waiting for his signature!

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