Tuesday, November 13, 2012

WM: President Must Pardon

The Washington Monthly says President Obama "must" pardon Chris Williams who:
was operating an enormous grow operation based on the fact that Montana passed a medical marijuana law and fact that the Obama Justice Department promised they would not go after people who growing marijuana in the boundaries of state law. He was so scrupulous about following the rules that he had local law enforcement and politicians tour his operation on multiple occasions. And then the Obama DEA busted in. 
The Monthly reports that, at trial, Williams was "prevented from using the fact that he was following state law as a defense." Wha?  Says the Monthly:
Barack Obama is, apparently, a man who can be moved to tears by the tireless efforts of his campaign staff. Has he no place in his heart for a man who only started his own business providing medicine, in what he thought was safe legal territory based on the promises of Obama himself? Has he no sympathy for a son who will grow up without a father? Does a prison sentence greater than that for murder or child rape sound fair to him? Chris Williams should never have been arrested or tried. 
See full story here.

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