Monday, December 31, 2012

North Carolina: 10 Pardons

The Associated Press reports the "outgoing" Governor (Beverly Perdue) has:
issued pardons [to] the Wilmington 10, a group wrongly convicted 40 years ago in a notorious Civil Rights-era prosecution that led to accusations that the state was holding political prisoners. Perdue issued pardons of innocence Monday for the nine black men and one white woman who were given prison sentences totaling nearly 300 years for the 1971 firebombing of a Wilmington grocery store after police shot a black teenager. The pardon means the state no longer thinks the 10 — four of whom have since died — committed a crime. 
The Governor says she was "appalled" by the "manner in which their convictions were obtained." In 1978, Jim Hunt granted commutations of sentence, but not pardons. Then, a Circuit Court of Appeals "threw out" convictions on the basis of "perjury and prosecutorial misconduct." See full story here.

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