Monday, December 10, 2012

Tanzania: 3,814 Pardons ! reports the Minister for Home Affairs has announced that NimbiJakaya Kikwete has pardoned 3,814 prisoners "on the occasion of the 51st independence anniversary of the Tanzania Mainland." It is reported that:
Those who have benefited from the presidential clemency include those serving imprisonment terms not exceeding five years and had so far served at least a quarter of the sentence. Others are those suffering from life-threatening diseases such as HIV/Aids, TB and cancer and their conditions are at terminal stage. However, inmates in this category must be approved by a panel of medical experts led by regional or district medical officer to be released. Also pardoned are the elderly above 70 years, but their ages have to be verified by a panel of medical experts led by a regional or district medical officer. The clemency also covers pregnant and lactating women, as well as those with physical and mental disability. 
The pardons do not cover 1) those on death row 2) those serving life terms and 3) those convicted of offences related to "carjacking, destruction of infrastructure, drug trafficking and use or trading in narcotic substances." Also excluded are prisoners convicted of "crimes related to graft, armed robbery or robbery with violence, as well as offences linked to firearms, sexual offences and making school children pregnant."

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