Monday, January 7, 2013

Application: Tolu Akinrosotu

Readers may be interested in this communication PardonPower received from one Tolulope Akinrosotu:

Dear Mr. Ruckman:

I am Tolu Akinrosotu, a 42 year old, first time, non-violent drug offender sentenced to a mandatory 30-year and 5-month and a fine of $50,000. As of January 1, 2013, I have served a consecutive 19 years and 8 months. My scheduled release date is November 2, 2019, three months before my 50th birthday (I began my sentence at 23).

On January 31, 2012, I submitted a clemency petition to the Office of the Pardon Attorney for the commutation of the 6 1/2 years remaining on my sentence. Respectfully, I ask you to visit, review my petition and companion online signature campaign (hosted by but accessible by a link on the site), learn of my legal and personal plight, institutional and academic accomplishments, BOP staff commendation and clemency endorsements and, make your own assessment of my cause. I believe you will conclude that my petition is meritorious and compelling.

On December 4, 2012, the AUSA who prosecuted my case contacted the attorney with whom I collaborated on my clemency petition, to announce that she and the United States Attorney (EDNY) were so "moved" by my petition that they would jointly be taking the unprecedented step of issuing a letter to the Office of the Pardon Attorney (OPA) "in favor" of a commutation of my sentence.

But recent media coverage vividly expose that the OPA is seemingly where petitions go to breathe their last. Nevertheless, I remain undaunted and wish to place curial scrutiny on the OPA by directing the attention of the public to my petition and the clemency review process in general. Let the public have its say and speak their position by signing my online petition on and including their comments.

You have built a audience that is sensitive to the harsh realities of mandatory sentences and its fiscal and social impact. I sincerely believe that if your readers are presented with my cause, it will arouse their compassion and earn the support of many. Their support would immensely advance my Quest for Mercy.

Mr. Ruckman, I make no claim of absolute innocence nor do I deny that I used poor judgment in my involvement in the crime that led to my imprisonment. Neither do I challenge the legality of my conviction . I am seeking a commutation of my sentence based on my personal growth and clear institutional conduct in almost two decades of incarceration, a period equalling almost half my life.

All I have at my disposal is the good will of friends and family and personal determination for sentencing justice. Nevertheless, I persevere and dare to dream of winning clemency and becoming a productive member of society again. I am only too happy to share everything you may require and sincerely hope (pray ) that you will find my cause worthy of public support and be willing to provide some coverage to give my Quest for Mercy forward momentum. Personal signatures to my online petition to President Obama are very much welcome and greatly appreciated. I thank you for your time and attention and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely, Tolu O. Akinrosotu /

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