Friday, January 25, 2013

New York: Cuomo's Pardon Fail

A the New York Times, Jim Dwyer has written a piece on the pitiful clemency record of Andrew Cuomo. Dwyer reports that there are 55,000 people in the State's prison system, and tens of thousands of others who have criminal records.

But, over two years and a month, the Governor has granted a grand total of 0 pardons and 0 commutations of sentence. Earlier, a spokesman promised Cuomo would use the pardon power "practically and methodically to help ensure everyone is treated fairly under the law.” Writes Dwyer:
So the quality of mercy is not strained under Mr. Cuomo. It hasn’t even broken a sweat. 
On the other hand, the Governor, in a recent radio interview said he had "considered using it in a number of cases.” On top of that, he added that he "wouldn't rule it out, by any stretch of the imagination." So, there you go. If that is not being practical and methodical, what is?

A former chair of the State's Parole Board agrees that there are “cases that deserve serious consideration." But, he adds, "I don’t see it happening because of political risk.” Political risk? Political risk with restoring the rights of persons who committed minor crimes years ago and have integrated back into society as law abiding members? Risk? NONSENSE. See full article here.


Anonymous said...

Political Risk has been the overwhelming reason for a lack of clemency coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Can probably thank Clinton. Although many recieved clemency from Bill Clinton, the few that were undeserving, is what got the negative attention.

Remember the slack Huckabee got for a re-offender..?

I still believe that regardless of what Obama may think or want to do.... his (& others') reluctance to grant clemency is political fear. The "risk" is too great. They (pols) dont have anything of substance to gain & everything to lose from being more generous with clemency.

Today's political arena is so nasty & divisive.... clemency just isnt worth..... "the risk".

Anonymous said...

And dont forget, Huckabee freed a number of murders. And at least one went on to commit other killings.

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