Tuesday, January 29, 2013

South Korea: 55 Pardons

BBC news reports 55 have been granted in South Korea "according to law and procedure." However, incoming President Park Geun-hye says the pardons "extremely regrettable." The BBC reports South Korean presidents "are constitutionally allowed to issue pardons and often do so to mark national holidays or the end of their terms." And President "issued seven rounds of pardons during his five-year presidency." But, it is also reported that:
Those on the latest list included his close friend Chun Shin-il and a close political ally, Choi See-joong, both of whom had been sentenced for bribery, as well as the former speaker of the national assembly Park Hee-tae and a former aide to Mr Lee, Kim Hyo-jae, who were both jailed over a vote-buying scandal. 
A spokesman for the New Frontier Party, said the pardons "ignore the will of the people and are an abuse of presidential power, and will undoubtedly trigger nationwide condemnation". See BBC report here.

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