Saturday, February 2, 2013

California: Brown Generous With Pardons

The Los Angeles Times reports Governor Jerry Brown pardoned 128 people last year. A full listing of those persons was "released" on Friday. More specifically, "as required by law, he submitted to the Legislature a report on all pardons and commuted sentences for the year, which included 49 previously unannounced cases." One wonders why such decisions would ever be "unannounced."

As one would expect, most of the pardons were for people "who were convicted of nonviolent drug offenses and had long since served their time." They are all now judged to be "upstanding citizens."

The Times also reports that Gov. Brown "has been far more liberal with his pardon power than were his predecessors." With a total of 149 acts of clemency in just two years, he has trumped former Gov. Schwarzenegger who pardoned just 16 people in seven years. Gray Davis granted no pardons in his five years as governor. See full story here.

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