Saturday, March 30, 2013

California: 65 Pardons

According to the Los Angeles Times, Gov. Jerry Brown "continued a pattern of pardons tied to Christian religious days" by granting 65 pardons. According to the Times:
Brown granted 128 pardons in 2012, up from 21 his first year in office, and surpassing the 16 pardons and 10 commuted sentences that his predecessor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, signed in seven years in office. Seventy-nine of Brown's 2012 pardons were announced on Christmas Eve. Saturday's press release announcing the latest batch of pardons tied them to "the eve of Easter." As a young man, Brown spent four years in a Jesuit seminary studying to be a Catholic priest. 
See full story here.

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Henry Clark Jr said...

It's always refreshing to see a Governor use his power to give people second chances that other wise would always be unheard..Other Governors should look and take notes to the process. Gov Brown and Gov Quinn from IL, my hat is off to you. Plus Thank You Pardon Power for your blog because it keeps everyday people like myself get a look at the process and which ones use their power or who just ignores the power..Thank You

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