Sunday, March 24, 2013

Gill (FAMM): Where is the President?

Molly M. Gill (of Families Against Mandatory Minimums) has published a letter in today's Boston Globe. It argues that a recent story by the Globe, on the matter of clemency generally, was "not nearly depressing enough." She notes, for example, that a December Justice Department report "issued scathing findings that the current pardon attorney" (Ronald Rodgers) who "misrepresented key facts about a commutation applicant’s case" to the White House. She then wonders why the pardon attorney "still has his job."

Gill also observes:
The pardon attorney’s meager staff has so far helped President Obama deny more than 6,700 clemency requests since 2009, raising the question of whether applications are actually getting a meaningful and fair review. The pardon attorney’s office appears to be captive to the Justice Department’s interests in preserving convictions and long sentences, making the president the victim of biased clemency advice. 
Finally, Gill says:
Obama alone can’t be blamed for the dearth of mercy, but he should be the source of clemency reform. 
See complete letter here.

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