Friday, March 29, 2013

Illinois: 87 Pardons

Governor Quinn has granted 87 pardon and denied 135 clemency petitions on Friday. It is reported that Quinn has "acted on" 2,459 clemency petitions since taking office. This includes 929 grants and 1,530 denials. See story here.


Anonymous said...

Great news and of course thanks for posting. I've searched the web for a list of names to no avail..any links available?

Henry Edward Clark Jr said...

I was granted my pardon this time around from Gov Quinn, my request was heard on the Oct 2008 ballot. Best of luck for those that are still waiting.Keep faith. Also Thank You Pardon Power for doing what you do

Henry Clark Jr said...

I found out that if you wanted your firearm rights back if your pardon petition is filled out that you need to stress that, but if you have certain crimes in the state of IL you will never get them back even with pardon. My pardon reads,( Grant Pardon with order permitting Expungment w/ FOID language, By granting this Pardon, All Rights Relating To Firearms Possession Are Restored As If No Conviction.. If your pardon does not say that, your firearm right are not restored.
I want people to know this because a lot of people would like to have there firearms rights restored so they can go hunting with family.But this is just a little heads up. Best of luck to everyone that's waiting on thier took me 5 yrs...

Anonymous said...

That is news to me regarding the FOID. My petition was filed and there was no objection from the states attorney. Now, I just wait. It sounds as though regaining all of my rights wont happen though. It would be nice go hunting with my son one day, but that's yet another dream. For all of us that are waiting I will pray for the best.

God Speed

Anonymous said...

All hope is not lost, most IL pardons do not have FOID language and IL statute ILCS 65/10 does provide a path for even a convicted felon to restore their gun rights.

IL pardons state "restored to all the rights of citizenship which may have been forfeited by the conviction". Keep in mind that there is nothing in the IL Constitution or IL statues that calls for "FOID language" on a pardon. The language on IL pardons is almost word for word the same as WI.

The FBI and NICS recognizes that WI pardons restore gun rights but do not recognize IL pardons for restoration of gun rights. The FBI takes direction from the IL State Police and IL Attorney General despite the fact that the IL pardon restores "all rights".

The Federal Stature 18 U.S.C.S 921(a)(20) dealing with firearms rights states "Any conviction which has been expunged, or set aside or for which a person has been pardoned or has had civil rights restored shall not be considered a conviction for purposes of this chapter, unless such pardon, expungement, or restoration of civil rights expressly provides that the person may not ship, transport, posses or receive firearms", yet the FBI takes direction from the IL ISP and doesn't recognize IL pardons for restoration of gun rights.

This matter begs for a serious legal challenge as this entire policy of FOID language on pardons and firearms rights not being restored by IL pardon's is all smoke and mirrors...Thoughts?

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