Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Phoenix: Mercy for DiMasi

The Phoenix is featuring an editorial on the case of former Massachusetts House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi who, in 2011 was convicted for political corruption and given an eight-year prison sentence. According to the editorial, DiMasi "is now suffering from a rare form of throat and tongue cancer that, if reports are correct, appears to be killing him." It is further noted that:
It seems clear that DiMasi is dying because the US Justice Department, which prosecutes the accused and imprisons those found guilty, turned a blind eye to his condition. Instead of allowing DiMasi timely treatment, officials shuttled him from one prison to another in a prosecutors' version of merry-go-round. The game was intended to break DiMasi's spirit in the hopes that he would implicate other political figures — even if there were not others to implicate. Maybe prolonged debate about "enhanced interrogation techniques" of terror suspects has coarsened public opinion, but to the Phoenix, denying a man — even a convicted felon — medical treatment for a cancer that is sure to kill him is far worse than waterboarding. 
So, The Phoenix concludes, "commuting DiMasi's sentence would not only be humane, it would be a just — even if unsatisfactory — response to denying him medical care in the first place."  See story here.

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