Friday, April 19, 2013

Pardon for the Really Good Fugitive?

Pete O'Neal was charged in 1970 for "transferring a gun across state lines." It was not his first run in with the law. He had been convicted once for receiving stolen property. O'Neal claims he did not commit the crime, but, instead of facing the charges in the judicial process, he gathered his family together and fled the country in the middle of the night, to Africa. Now, a former Kansas City Star reporter has written a book on his behalf, entitled Case for a Pardon. It is reported that, should O'Neal return to the United States, he would have to serve a four-year sentence. But, the author say O'Neal has done "so much good" as a fugitive. See full story here.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think he is a good candidate for a Pardon, he fled Justice, they should charge him with international flight to avoid prosecution. No matter how good of a person he is in another country he still has a debt to society to pay..just my 2 cents..

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