Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WNRP 1620: Pardons, Etc.

This Friday afternoon, the Editor of the Pardon Power blog will appear as an in-studio guest on Branden Rathert's "The Gang" at 4:00 pm (Central), on WNRP 1620, in beautiful Pensacola, Florida. Interested readers can listen in to the broadcast by going here.

The conversation will focus on pardons and - at least potentially -  many other things. It will serve as a very pleasant prelude to an awards ceremony, Saturday morning, on the campus of the University of West Florida (U.W.F.), where the Editor will be receiving a "Distinguished Alumnus Award" (see additional information on the ceremony here).

Professor Ruckman earned Bachelor Degrees in both Philosophy and Political Science from U.W.F., where Professor Robert Anderson's legendary constitutional law classes first introduced him to the pardon power. It will be wonderful to return to Pensacola, visit with the folks at WNRP, return to U.W.F., and reunite with Prof. Anderson, as well as friends and family members.

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beth said...

Great - I'll try to listen.

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