Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kentucky: Clemency, Death Penalty Showdown

Brett Barrouquere of the Associated Press has written an interesting and informative article on circumstances surrounding the case of one Robert Foley, who is facing the death penalty after committing six murders. In a bid to obtain gubernatorial clemency, Foley has requested funds for a "crime scene reconstructionist," a "ballistics expert" and, perhaps most importantly, a "neuropsychologist" to diagnose the potential ramifications of neurological disorders resulting from an "extensive history of head trauma." Barrouquere notes at least one other individual (Parramore Lee Sanborn, in 2011) has received funds "for a mental health expert to aide in the clemency process."

But a U.S. District Court Judge has rejected Foley's requests as being based on "the mere hope of suspicion that an expert may find something of use, and is not based on any showing of actual reasonable necessity." The judge also observed that there were no signs of adverse impact from head injury or mental shortcomings. Foley is perhaps used to such rejection. Earlier, he failed to obtain funding for a $56,000 hip replacement.

In the background, Kentucky has executed no one since 2008, and has only executed three persons in the last thirty-seven years.

See complete story here.

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