Wednesday, June 5, 2013

South Carolina: Pardons and Guns

Lee Franklin Booth was convicted of second-degree kidnapping. But, in 2001, he received a pardon from former Governor Jim Hunt. Booth then tried to start a "gun-making business," but was unable to obtain a necessary federal license. It is now reported that a Court of Appeals has ruled that South Carolina's law banning felons from carrying firearms "does not apply to people who have been pardoned of a felony."  It is also said that the ruling "provides hope to gun enthusiasts who have lost the right to bear arms because of criminal convictions."  See story here.


Henry E Clark Jr said...

I took a look at the story, I feel that if a Governor or the President of the U.S feels that a felon has changed his life for good and awarded someone with a pardon,then there should not be a problem owning a firearm, I was pardoned in the state of IL but my pardon had special language that my firearm rights was restored as there was no conviction. I had to get fingerprinted and send some court information to the ATF and NICS but after 2 months I have now bought 2 firearms legally, and my expungement court date is still not for another month.But I found out in IL if your pardon does not have the Firearm Language allowing you to own a firearm, you still will not own one in IL..But in my eyes a PARDON is a PARDON..Just hope they don't try to charge this guy if he has a firearm in his possession..

John Thacker said...

Jim Hunt was governor of North Carolina, not South Carolina. The News and Record is a paper in Greensboro, the AP article is from Raleigh, and refers to North Carolina. Looks like the Opposing Views site mixed up the states.

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