Sunday, July 21, 2013

Osler on DOJ Hypocrisy

Over at MSNBC, Prof. Marc Osler has a wonderful piece entitled, "The Speck in Florida’s Eye, and the Log in DOJ’s." It notes:
For this administration to re-open the Zimmerman case, with all the resources that will take, would be the equivalent of pointing at the speck in Florida’s eye while ignoring the log in its own. While the Trayvon Martin case involved one tragedy, more than 5,000 African-Americans remain in prison under lengthy federal sentences under a sentencing regime which has now been rejected by all three branches of government. 
The piece then notes that "at this point, the only feasible way to fix this gross racial inequity" is for President Obama use the pardon power, or, more specifically, to "commute the crack sentences so that they are right-sized to the current 18-1 ratio."  See full editorial here.

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