Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chris Daniel Show: Today!

The Editor of the Pardon Power Blog will be doing an hour-long interview on the "The Chris Daniel Show" KMJ 580-AM & 105.9-FM (Fresno, CA), this afternoon, at 3 pm Pacific (5 pm Central).

If you are interested, you can listen live here The last interview with Chris was absolutely fantastic. He is well informed, and knows how to guide a conversation with vigor and great skill. It will not go slow.

Chris also has great callers! And, yes, you can be one of them! (559) 490-5858 or (800) 776-5858.

Among today's likely topics :

-  What the pardon power is, and what it isn't.
-  How often the pardon power is used, and why.
-  Famous / controversial presidential pardons.
-  Obama's very sorry clemency record (the most merciless since John Adams).
-  Racial discrimination in the justice system and the Trayvon Martin case.
-  Applying the recent sentencing act retrospectively.
-  O. Henry, Andrew Suh.
-  Recent calls (need) for an overhaul of the clemency process.

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