Thursday, August 15, 2013

Updated Application / Grant Statistics

Granted Pardon Applications
Granted Commutation Applications
All Applications
1 in every 2
1 in every 15
1 in every 3
1 in every 3
1 in every 25
1 in every 4
1 in every 3
1 in every 36
1 in every 5
1 in every 5
1 in every 100
1 in every 8
H.W. Bush
1 in every 10
1 in every 245
1 in every 19
1 in every 5
1 in every 90
1 in every 16
W. Bush
1 in every 13
1 in every 779
1 in every 55
1 in every 37
1 in every 8,126
1 in every 239

Source: U.S. Department of Justice, Office of the Pardon Attorney


Anonymous said...

Professor Ruckman,

Are the Obama statistics skewed by the fact that many pardons and clemency grants are done in lame duck days of a Presidency? In other words, isn't there a significant liklihood that Obama's numbers will come into closer conformity by the time we have our next President?

P.S. Ruckman, Jr. said...

Editor - While is true that most presidents have granted the largest number of pardons in the fourth and final year of the term, it is not the case that they often pull a Bill Clinton (with an incredible last-minute splurge).

If Obama grants ANY pardons or commutations of sentence at all, these number will change significantly, yes.

But, as the applications continue to climb well into the thousands, chances are the changes that do occur will do very little in terms of the overall impression made by the comparative data. Which is to say, in all likelihood, he will continue to look quite merciless. Best,

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