Thursday, September 26, 2013

Nebraska: Pardon for Heisman Winner Rodgers?

FOX 42 News reports 62-year old Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Rodgers will be seeking a pardon from the State of Nebraska. More specifically, Rodgers will be asking for "a full pardon" for a 1971 felony conviction for grand larceny. As Rodger tells it:
A couple of buddies of mine, ah, we were on the very last day of school. So we were out to get some gas and we stopped at the gas station and saw a guy in there and we said let get this guy's money. So we go in and we get the money from the guy and we go off and we forget about it. We got 90 dollars, 30 dollars each. And from that point on I was in a state of nervousness.
Now, Rodgers says he is in the "last chapter of my life" and he does not "want it to end" with the conviction on his "record."  See story here.

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