Friday, October 11, 2013

Connecticut: Commutation of Sentence

The Connecticut Mirror reports 66-year old Bonnie Jean Foreshaw has been granted clemency State's thre-person Board of Paroles. Foreshaw was convicted for the 1986 shooting (and killing) of a pregnant woman and given a 45-year prison sentences. Oddly, the Mirror notes it was "the longest ever given to a woman" (What is this? 1950?).

The Board found that both Foreshaw and her victim were "abused by their partners so badly they were hospitalized" and concluded the judicial system "failed" with respect to Foreshaw, "who was bounced between 22 lawyers." The relatives of the victim, however, doubted Foreshaw was sincerely remorseful and could not agree with her early release.

Foreshaw did not know her victim but claimed she was being harassed by a man who was with her. In fear that she was about to be assaulted, she pulled out a gun, fired and accidentally shot the woman. It was later argued that Foreshaw's lawyer "failed to challenge a questionable confession and present an effective mental state defense." See story here.

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