Saturday, October 12, 2013

Illinois: 65 Pardons!

Gov. Pat Quinn has indeed granted pardons to 65 individuals, including former Sauk Village trustee Enoch Benson and a former Northwestern University / Southern Illinois / Minnesota Viking football player Brandon Jones. In 1995, police officers searched Benson's car and found a gun in a bag.  officials said. Benson told officers the gun had been in the bag for many years and was used only at the firing range.  Jones was charged with battery when a friend was caught attempting to bring alcohol into a Northwestern football game. According to the Tribune, "Quinn has granted 994 petitions for clemency, including 973 pardons. He also authorized 21 people previously pardoned to seek expungement of convictions in court. He has denied 1,654." See story here.

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Anonymous said...

Is a list available online of who was pardoned?

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