Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Yahoo "News." Epic Fail.

Just now reporting on President Obama's last round of pardons (17, in March), Yahoo News reports the President has granted 39 pardons. It is not clear why the commutation of sentence that he granted is not also recognized, but, hey, it's a free country.

The piece then reports that Franklin D. Roosevelt granted "over 3,600" pardons. And then, the red flags go up.

Roosevelt did not grant that many pardons at all. 2,819 would be more like it. The only way one can get over 3,600 is if one adds his commutations of sentence (488) and remissions of fines and forfeitures (477) and 12 respites to the number.

Roosevelt's pardon of Earl Browder is described by the piece as "controversial," but don't hold your breath waiting to see that one on anyone's Top Ten Controversial Pardons list.

The piece then says James Garfield issued "zero" pardons, "partly" because he "died soon after taking office." With precious little effort, it could have been learned that Garfield, in fact, granted four pardons and a commutation of a death sentence. The message screener at Yahoo will not allow a comment drawing attention to this error, because it is incorporated into the video's associated quiz.

The pieces then says Andrew Johnson pardoned all Confederate soldiers. Forgive us for understanding what an amnesty is, and isn't!

Epic fail, YahooNews. Epic fail. See video here.

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