Thursday, November 14, 2013

Former Heisman Winner Pardoned!

It is reported that former Heisman Trophy winner, Johnny "the Jet" Rodgers was granted a pardon by the Nebraska Board of Pardons on Thursday. Rodgers had robbed a gas station, as a prank, back in 1970 and was given two years' probation. Letters of support came from former Nebraska football coach and athletic director Tom Osborne, a mayor and a congressman. Said Rodgers:
"I'm seeking a pardon because this incident happened when I was 17. I had 10 minutes of insanity which has hurt me my whole life ... I'm meeting the standards ... I don't think there's anything special about what I'm requesting. It happened when I was a young man and now I'm an old man."
Attorney General Jon Bruning told Rodgers,
"You've done a lot of good things in your life: your charity and kids. But in the end, you've had 10-years of a clean record and we need to treat similar people similarly whether they are widely known or not." 
Now, Rodgers is said to be "off to San Diego" in order to "clear a felon in possession of a gun from his record." 32 additional persons were pardoned. See fulls story here.

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