Thursday, December 19, 2013

FLASH : Pardons Coming!


From a reader:

Mr Ruckman, I have been following your Pardon Power blog for years. I like many appreciate the work you have put into it. Many of us seeking pardons don't have any resources, or avenues for support/information/etc... when coming to this process. Thanks for keeping it out there in the media and pushing the issue.

I told you a few years ago I would share my story with you if I received a pardon. Wanted to let you know, I was contacted this morning by the office of the pardon atty. President Obama has signed a warrant for Pardon for me. Obviously I couldn't be happier. A press release is coming more than likely later today. I have no idea how many are being issued, just that I am one of them. My application was submitted in June of 2008.

* Editor: Would generally expect an announcement on Friday. But, we'll see. Mr. President, if you are reading, PARDON O. HENRY !!!

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