Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holder: What Exactly Was it That He Learned?

It seems like just yesterday that Eric Holder was being roughed up in the confirmation process for his less-than-admirable role in the pardons of Marc Rich and the FALN terrorists. Holder, with all of the confidence of a Christian with four aces, grudgingly admitted that he had "made mistakes." But CNN reported one scene as follows, on January 15, 2009:
Holder said he "made assumptions that turned out not to be true" during the Rich pardon process, which turned out to be the "most intense" and "searing" experience he "ever had as a lawyer." Holder said that he learned from the Rich pardon incident and will "be a better attorney general" as a result. One of the lessons of the Rich case, Holder said, was the need for "full consultation with all lawyers in the pardon process." Holder said there was a need to improve the pardon process, which seems to experience a "deterioration... at the end of every administration." 
Yesterday, however, when asked about President Obama's paltry clemency record, now into its fifth year, Attorney General Holder, amazingly, said:
We are at year five I guess of eight, so I would say hold on ... If this was the eighth year and we were looking back, I think we would have something to discuss. But we are at a point where this president still has a power that is uniquely his.
As a nominee, Holder distanced himself from - and seemingly regretted - the deterioration of process that comes with late-term, last-minute pardons. As attorney general, he invites us to look forward to more!

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